As I child I’d always dreamed of visiting the far-flung places I had seen on television.  But like most people of my generation the furthest I’d ever travelled was Spain.  University gave me the confidence to fulfil my dreams and so, after completing my degree in 1992, I took a Gap Year.

Setting off with my rucksack I watched the sun rise over the Pyramids, fell in love with the energy and chaos of India (a love affair I still have to this day), spent months waking up to the majesty of the Himalayas whilst teaching English in Nepal and then joined the Asia trail and the right of passage that is the Lonely Planet’s South East Asia on a Shoe String.

My wanderlust and passion for travel had started.

During my long and successful career as a financier I was able to continue to visit as many places as I could, but no longer on a shoestring.  At this stage my travel experiences and meticulous organising abilities came to the attention of friends and colleagues.   It wasn’t long before they were asking my advice and entrusting me to arrange wonderful holidays for them.  I was constantly being told that the sort of personal one-to-one approach I offered was missing in the travel industry, often overtaken by profitability and lack of interest.  This gave me the confidence to turn my love of travel into a business.  Purely through word of mouth I attracted my loyal client base and la Concordia was born.

I’m lucky that I’ve travelled the world, but each year there’s always something new for me to unearth.   I love finding little gems that haven’t yet been discovered by the masses and letting my clients in on the secret.

When I started la Concordia I wanted to offer a completely personalised and thoughtful service.   One where my clients knew that I would be the only person arranging their trips and that I would truly devote time to thinking about them, their needs and what would make their trip special.   The same process I wish for in my own trips.  This holds true today and is at the heart of everything I do.